About Us

Spearheading the company is Ashley Day, president and CEO of Vor-Tek Recovery Solutions Inc. and co-founder/vice-president of Metal-Tek, an Atlanta-based R&D company providing sustainable solutions to industry-leading metal recyclers, steel mills, and electronic recycling facilities.

The vice-president and creative director is Fred Giovannitti, who provides artistic vision, out-of-the-box thinking, and a knack for innovation. He is an internationally known artist and entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience developing trend-setting marketing strategies and groundbreaking ideas

Vor-Tek Recovery Solutions Inc. embodies the passion and determination of individuals from different backgrounds with the mutual goal of restoring the Pacific Gyre, among other oceanic vortices, as well as providing sustainable clean-up solutions for the world's harbors, marinas, rivers, and waterways. The issue of the Pacific Trash Vortex has been particularly important to us and has itself become a launchpad for a number of ideas and innovations targeting marine pollution.

Since its inception, Vor-Tek Recovery Solutions Inc. has demonstrated how entrepreneurial spirit and artistic vision can together achieve success in projects that others have deemed impossible.

The Emergency Extraction Line Project (EEL)
Patent Pending
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